Welcome to Al Dhafra Petroleum's Website. Whether you are a current or future contractor, supplier, a member of the media, the community or a prospective team member, I am pleased that you are here. It gives me great pleasure to present our website that was built to demonstrate our business capability, our strengths, and​ to guide you to an understanding of our operations.

The Oil & Gas industry demonstrates fundamentally challenging long-term dynamics. Natural depletion of existing oil and gas reservoirs, coupled with a substantial increase in oil and gas demand due to economic growth and emerging markets poses complex and challenging future for the global energy industry. These factors substantiate the capital expenditure to investigate alternate means to satisfy the demand and also broaden the interface with international oil and gas corporations. Consequently, ADNOC, being a major oil and gas player globally, has catered to these challenges by steadily developing its technical capabilities and strategically expanding its activities and partnership with IOCs across a vast array of operations to create a truly integrated oil and gas industry in Abu Dhabi. This could not have been possible without the years of visionary planning, and leadership of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, President HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan or without the support of the government of the UAE.

Al Dhafra Petroleum is such an initiative, where Oil Companies of UAE and Korea, namely Abu Dhabi National Oil Company [ADNOC], Korea National Oil Corporation [KNOC], and GS Energy respectively, have fortified the ties and cooperation between their nations and economies by formalizing the establishment of Al Dhafra Petroleum as the latest OPCO in the ADNOC Group, to represent their Joint Venture. This venture has brought us closer and enabled us to collaborate on skills and technologies to contribute to the wealth and prosperity of both nations. The unique partnership, objectives and geographical positioning allows Al Dhafra Petroleum to explore and develop virgin conventional and unconventional fields, in remote onshore and offshore concession areas. Since the establishment of the company as an independent OPCO pursuant to the Emiri Decree in December, 2013, we have made significant progress, justifying the trust and confidence placed on the company.
By acknowledging its strengths, weaknesses, dependencies, Al Dhafra Petroleum has rooted its identity, understood its purpose today and recognized what it should strive for. I believe, our vision, reflects our aspirations; our mission, supports our strategic vision; and our core values are the compasses that guides us in how we do our work. In unison theses three elements are a platform for moving forward to build Al Dhafra Petroleum into an efficient upstream company that creates value in a safe and responsible manner.

As a young start-up company, it is inevitable that Al Dhafra Petroleum will need the support and guidance of Shareholders and within the ADNOC Group. Our strategy is to learn from the decades of rich experience from our sister companies and leverage strengths and adopt best practices in developing our own company infrastructure to function as an independent OPCO. This form of knowledge sharing, and continuous improvement, will require meaningful engagement and collaboration.

In its short history, Al Dhafra Petroleum’s has articulated its goals and focus areas during the next five year horizon in its business plan and budget. The work programs will be developed and deployed to realize its field development plan and rapidly progress the company establishment. One of the priorities in the near term is to assume independent drilling operation, and Al Dhafra Petroleum is sparing no efforts to achieve this major milestone.

HSE awareness and policies and regulations permeate the ADNOC Group of companies and Al Dhafra Petroleum’s commitment to the environment, its employees’ health and safety, and the communities in which it operates, is absolute. Furthermore, development of a robust HSE Management system to comply with ADNOC Code of Practice and serve as tool to manage HSE risks across the business has been accorded a high priority.

Although Al Dhafra Petroleum is still early days of the organization’s life-cycle, it will strive to comply with ADNOC’s Emiratization mandate by targeting specific positions to be occupied by UAE Nationals. Moreover Al Dhafra Petroleum is in the process of developing the Learning and Development infrastructure as it believes that sustained investment in people and communities is its corporate responsibility and that it will deliver tangible benefits to the organization and the UAE.

Al Dhafra Petroleum remains committed to efficiently plan and deliver its field development program, in order to meet its challenging target There are many exciting things going on at Al Dhafra Petroleum, and we invite you to tour our web site frequently to learn more about Al Dhafra Petroleum and its activities.

Shaheen Almansoori
Cheif Executive Officer​​​​​​​​​​