Al Dhafra Petroleum is currently in the process of establishing its organization and critical functions in order to operate as an upstream operating company. Moreover, Al Dhafra Petroleum is simultaneously engaged in subsurface reservoir studies and exploration activities so as to evaluate discovered fields and their upside potentials as well as identify other potential fields in the concession areas. The area to be explored covers 11,560 km2, which is 10% of the emirates landmass and contains several discovered fields, and additional hydrocarbon potential from the three concession areas, Area 1, Area 2 and Area 3.
Previously, The KADOC Project team had been evaluating the concessions with the support of ADNOC & ADNOC Group for over two years. Now, as an independent OPCO in the ADNOC Group, Al Dhafra Senior Management intend on availing the opportunity to cultivate multicultural cooperation in the organization and encourage knowledge sharing between their shareholders and the other OPCOs.​